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Decomposed Granite

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Decomposed granite is an ideal hardscaping product that has many uses in commercial landscaping. Have you noticed how some commercial businesses and neighborhoods look attractive and visually interesting all year round?  On closer observation, you will often find that the landscaping design includes defined areas of ground cover, borders, and paths comprised of decomposed granite.

What Is Decomposed Granite?

We recommend and use this material often to update and transform the commercial landscaping of our business and HOA customers.   It develops from the disintegration of hard, igneous rocks that have eroded into small particles from weathering.  The particles vary in size but are finer than gravel and much more stable. 

Decomposed Granite Close-up
Decomposed Granite Close-up

Paths and Walkways

Decomposed granite (commonly called DG) is an ideal material for creating paths and walkways. The small particles create a uniform surface that is easier to walk on than gravel.  It stays in place on top of the soil, preventing the ground from becoming muddy. It is also commonly used in combination with other materials like pavers or flagstone for creating walkways and sitting areas. 

Paths and Walkways Using Decomposed Granite
Paths and Walkways Using Decomposed Granite

Natural and Organic

Our customers like the natural, organic look of DG.  It offers a modern style that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It comes in a variety of shades to match your building or it can be used to add a pop of contrast color to borders or defined areas. Not only that, it is a stylish and affordable ground cover option and grass substitute for large or shady areas.  It looks great when combining landscape elements in just about any style of landscape design.

Better Than Mulch

Since it is all-natural and permeable, DG is better for plants and trees than synthetic mulch materials and lasts longer and stays in place better than wood mulch.  It allows water to seep through and supplies trace nutrients to the soil around and beneath it. Its permeability also helps control water runoff and drainage issues.  In addition, it helps prevent weeds and is insect resistant. Eventually, the granite material slowly breaks down and erodes but more can easily be added.  

Decomposed Granite for Shaded Areas
Decomposed Granite for Shaded Areas

Affordable and Easy to Install

In addition to all the previously mentioned benefits, DG is very affordable and easy to install.  It benefits your budget as well as the environment because, unlike grass, the material itself requires no irrigation. It also cuts down on routine maintenance costs associated with grass and other ground cover options.  The combination of all these benefits makes decomposed granite an ideal product that we offer to our many valued commercial customers.  

Contact us to learn more about how decomposed granite can be used in your commercial or HOA landscaping.

Decomposed Granite Used as Ground Cover For Large Area
Decomposed Granite Used as Ground Cover For Large Areas

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