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Month: April 2019

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Mosquito Repelling Plants

10 Mosquito Repelling Plants

Mosquito repelling plants make a beautiful addition to your landscape design and are a natural deterrent to pesky insects. Including these low-maintenance plants strategically in your landscape design provides color, texture and a natural method of controlling mosquitoes. Not only that, the aroma of rosemary, peppermint and other plants in this category, is as wonderfully…
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Thunderstorm Safety

Thunderstorm Safety

It’s thunderstorm season in our area which means thunder, lightning, strong winds, and heavy rain.  The most severe personal and property damage is caused by strong winds, hail and flash flooding. Even small thunderstorms can be dangerous because lightning can strike up to 10 miles away from the center of the storm.  Here are a…
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Panther Creek Estates fountain

Water Features Add Value to Commercial Landscape

It’s no surprise that people are naturally drawn to beautiful water features like fountains, waterfalls and cascading pools. Water, an essential element for life, is symbolic of purity and cleansing. It is powerful enough to wash away earth, carve through stone, put out fire, and destroy iron. Studies show that running water relieves stress and…
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Ground Cover Substitutes for Grass

There are many good reasons to find ground cover substitutes for grass, especially in Texas.  Grass requires constant maintenance including mowing, fertilizing, overseeding, edging and watering. Lots of watering! Many places in Texas have watering restrictions, especially in drought conditions during the hot, dry months of summer. This makes grass substitutes an important landscaping issue.…
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