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Water Features Add Value to Commercial Landscape

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Panther Creek Estates fountain

It’s no surprise that people are naturally drawn to beautiful water features like fountains, waterfalls and cascading pools. Water, an essential element for life, is symbolic of purity and cleansing. It is powerful enough to wash away earth, carve through stone, put out fire, and destroy iron. Studies show that running water relieves stress and even decreases blood pressure and heart rate. The sight and sound of the water have a calming effect on the mind and  can be used therapeutically to help lessen physical and psychological pain. Furthermore, it reduces noise pollution by muffling common distractions like road traffic and city sounds. Consequently, the benefits of a water feature on the body and mind can contribute to an improvement in physical and mental health.

Water feature courtyard fountain
Water features add value to your commercial property

The Value of Water Features

Many property managers and homeowner associations find that water features greatly enhance their commercial landscape. As a result, property value increases and their beautiful commercial landscape draws in customers. Water features convey a feeling of nature, thus providing a calming effect on both customers and employees. A water feature can create a central focal point in the landscape design. Alternately, it can play a supporting role to enhance other elements. Even a small water feature can make a big visual impact in very little space. Practically speaking, water features decrease water usage because they require less water than grass in the same surface area. Furthermore, they have a pump to recycle the water so additional water is needed only to replace evaporation. From an environmental standpoint, flowing water reduces the ambient temperature and has a purifying effect on the air. Every little bit helps in the Texas heat.

Custom-made fountain by Haven Landscaping owner, Rocky Freeman

Endless Possibilities

The possibilities are endless when choosing a water feature.  There are fountains, pools, waterfalls, streams, spillways, and containers. Premanufactured options are available as well as custom designs. You can choose from a variety of materials like ceramic, stone, and metal in different sizes, colors and shapes. Water features can be combined together and with other elements in many creative ways.  A good landscape designer can help you choose a water feature that will complement your property or current commercial landscape.

Regular Maintenance

There are a few things to consider when adding a water feature.  Water can attract insects, especially standing water. Water features must have a pump to circulate the water which discourages mosquitoes and other insects from breeding.  Birds, bees and other living creatures will sometimes head to your fountain for a drink and a bath. It can also attract children so safety measures must be considered if the feature is a drowning hazard. Regular maintenance is required to balance the water and often chemicals need to be added to keep algae from growing. Debris must be cleared out and sometimes filters will need cleaning.  These things are to be expected and can easily be included in your regular commercial landscape maintenance contract.

commercial landscaping water feature
The site and sound of running water calms the mind

Invest in Your Property

Overall, adding a beautiful water feature to your landscape design is a great investment in your commercial property. It will create an unforgettable impression and add value through the many benefits it provides.  If you are a property or HOA manager, consider adding a water feature to your landscape. A good commercial landscaping expert will help you determine the best solution for your property.

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