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Christie Ranch Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping Fall Checklist

Now that September has arrived, it’s time to think about your commercial landscaping fall checklist. Whether you have an HOA, commercial property, or private residence, attaining a beautiful spring landscape requires foresight and preparation now. Perennials, trees, grass and future spring plantings won’t flourish without taking steps to revitalize your landscape before the winter months.…
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Mosquito Repelling Plants

10 Mosquito Repelling Plants

Mosquito repelling plants make a beautiful addition to your landscape design and are a natural deterrent to pesky insects. Including these low-maintenance plants strategically in your landscape design provides color, texture and a natural method of controlling mosquitoes. Not only that, the aroma of rosemary, peppermint and other plants in this category, is as wonderfully…
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Rabbit Resistant Plants

Rabbit Resistant Plants

Currently, there are no legal forms of controlling rabbit populations in the United States with chemicals or poisons. Fences provide plants some protection from voracious rabbits but are not of much value in landscaped common areas or in front yards. Most sprays that claim to deter rabbits must be applied regularly and indefinitely, making them…
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