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Month: March 2019

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Plant bulbs in fall for a burst of spring color

Why Commercial Landscaping is a Good Investment for your Business

Let’s face it, first impressions really do count!  People form an opinion about your company based on the initial impression they get in the first few seconds they see the exterior of your property.  That perception is really hard to change and it can either boost your image or leave customers with a negative impression…
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Geoweb Soil Erosion Prevention

How to Prevent Soil Erosion on Steep Slopes

The Texas weather can create a harsh environment for plants, especially new plantings. This problem is accentuated on steep slopes where new plantings can get washed away with loose topsoil erosion.  Even a downpour of two or more inches of rain in the space of thirty minutes can wreak havoc on new plantings trying to…
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