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Why Commercial Landscaping is a Good Investment for your Business

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Let’s face it, first impressions really do count!  People form an opinion about your company based on the initial impression they get in the first few seconds they see the exterior of your property.  That perception is really hard to change and it can either boost your image or leave customers with a negative impression right off the bat. Obviously, that will reflect on their decision about investing in your product or service which, ultimately, will affect your success.  As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

The Value of Curb Appeal

A good first impression, otherwise known as curb appeal, starts with a well-planned landscape design that welcomes people to your business and invites them in.  A primary objective of commercial landscaping design is making the entrance to the property as obvious and inviting as possible. This is accomplished by adding a combination of trees, colorful flowers, plants and hardscaping elements to draw the eye to the entrance.  Achieving this objective is key to starting a good customer experience and forming a positive first impression.

Creative Landscape Design

Applying creativity to the landscape design can also enhance the architecture of your building or perk up an old drab building. It can help create a mood or theme for the atmosphere and ambiance that you want for your business. Just like other types of design, landscaping follows popular trends in elements that can be added to update the current plan and refresh the curb appeal.  Scheduling a seasonal rotation of flowers and plants in pots or beds will brighten up the winter blues and make your landscape stand out by adding an appealing pop of color. These improvements and periodic updates to your property’s commercial landscaping typically offer an outstanding return on investment.

Hall Office Park in Frisco has outdoor art and seating

Employees Matter

In addition to drawing in customers and creating a great first impression, a beautiful commercial landscape also benefits the well-being of employees.  Studies have shown that creating a positive and pleasing environment for workers leads to a better work attitude, which results in better productivity. Providing an outdoor space for employees to enjoy is good for morale and team camaraderie but even having the opportunity to view plants and flowers through the window is a mood booster.

Erosion Control

Although aesthetics are important for both customers and employees, there are other benefits to investing in your commercial landscape.  Among the more practical considerations are drainage and stormwater control. This involves methods and techniques that intercept and divert rainwater which collects and creates soil erosion problems. This can be very detrimental to your property, which is why erosion control is an integral part of most landscaping projects.  Proper drainage and erosion control can be accomplished by the strategic placement of trees and plants, using permeable material for paths and walkways, properly grading large areas and using storm drains and catch basins.

Great ROI

Professionally designed and maintained commercial landscaping provides a greater return on investment than almost any other business improvement. Successful commercial property owners and managers know that it adds significant value to their property and greatly adds to their success.


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  1. Kendra says:

    This is really useful, thanks.

  2. Sam Li says:

    Hiring the right landscaping company can make your business look more attractive and inviting. I love what you said about finding a designer that can enhance the landscape in order to enhance the surrounding architecture. If I were to own a commercial business, I would seek out the best landscaper in town to perform lawn maintenance on a regular basis.

  3. Bree Ward says:

    I agree that the first impression always matter so improving the curb appeal of your business can highly attract customer s and client. I think this is true because great looking businesses are most likely to be visited compared to poorly improved business buildings. I think your article is very useful to those people who are looking ro ways to improve their sales.

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