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4 Signs of Outdated Landscaping

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Most commercial landscapes have a limited life span.

When is the last time you took a good objective look at your property’s landscaping?  Regular maintenance can go a long way but you may not realize that what once looked so fresh and contemporary now looks outdated and unwelcoming.  Most commercial landscapes have a limited life span and over time, will start looking tired and stale. Of course, this reflects poorly on your entire property.  Modern landscaping styles and trends of newer neighborhoods and properties can make your property appear even more weary and run-down. So what are the 4 signs that your commercial landscaping is outdated and in need of a renovation?

Overgrowth and Overcrowding

A sure sign that your landscaping is outdated is when there is overgrowth and overcrowding of plants, shrubs and trees.  As these mature, they often outgrow the space originally allotted for them. Plant beds become crowded and unruly. The landscape lighting that once highlighted your landscape may be covered or blocked by overgrown foliage.  In addition to being scraggly and a possible safety hazard, overgrown trees and shrubs are more expensive to constantly prune and maintain. Eventually, they become woody and unsightly to the point where trimming no longer achieves the desired look. Often the best option is to update the old landscaping plan with a more dynamic and modern design that will maximize the appeal and value of your commercial property’s entrances and grounds. A good landscaping contractor will recommend landscaping ideas and solutions that fit your space and budget. 

Changing Light Conditions

Areas that once were sunny are now shady due to the thick foliage of maturing trees and overgrown plants. Grass that requires sunlight grows thin or dies in the shade caused by growing trees and shrubs. Previously grassy areas that have gone from sun to shade are now barren and often muddy, which can cause erosion issues.  Sun-loving plants are no longer thriving. It’s time to consider replacing grass with a shade-tolerant groundcover or a hardscape groundcover like decomposed granite. This can instantly improve the appearance of an aging landscape, especially when combining these two landscaping elements. Other remedies include cutting back trees to restore light to sun-loving plants or replacing them with shade-tolerant plants. A professional assessment of your property will help come up with an updated design based on the current condition of your landscaping.

Brick wingwall needs repair
Brick wingwall needs repair

Safety Hazards

Old and outdated landscaping can also present safety hazards and liability issues for commercial property owners. Heavy or dead branches on mature trees could fall, especially in inclement weather.  Overgrown foliage that blocks walking paths can present a tripping hazard to pedestrians. Large trees and bushes can block visibility as cars enter and exit the property, which can contribute to accidents. Wingwalls that are unstable and leaning can fall and damage property or alleys.  A professional commercial landscaper can perform a walk-through to identify potential safety hazards and present a plan for eliminating them.

Finishing up a big project

Incomplete Projects

Sometimes commercial landscape projects don’t reach fruition or turn out as expected.  The previous landscape design might have resulted in unfinished landscape areas, incomplete hardscapes, bare areas of soil, or poorly placed trees and plants. After a thorough assessment of your current landscape, your commercial landscaper can propose a design to resolve unfinished projects and provide solutions to correct poor results.

Mature landscaping needs an update

Always keep in mind that your landscaping is the first impression potential customers have of your commercial property and your business.  A beautiful and dynamic landscape adds significant value to your business in many ways, including attracting new customers and improving your company’s presence in the community. Landscaping upgrades and enhancements go a long way toward increasing curb appeal and maximizing your property investment. Connecting with a commercial landscaping company you trust, and one with a proven record of successful work in your area is the first step. Contact us for a complimentary assessment of your commercial property or HOA.  We’d be happy to help you renovate and update your space.

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