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Combining Landscape Elements

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Combine hardscape and softscape elements to landscape large commercial properties

Landscaping large areas of your commercial property in a visually interesting, yet economical way can be a challenge.  Large expanses of grass can be impractical and expensive to maintain. A good commercial landscape design, especially for large spaces, consists of both softscape and hardscape elements.   Softscape elements are low-maintenance plants, flowers, grasses, bushes and trees. Hardscape elements are boulders, ground cover, planters and retaining walls.  Combining these landscape elements reduces the expense of maintenance, is environmentally friendlier, and adds visual interest.

Landscape Boulders

Large landscape boulders
Combining landscape elements with boulders

Including large boulders in your commercial landscape design creates a striking majestic focal point. They are one of the hardscape elements that are combined to substitute for grass in areas with little rain, or too much shade to grow grass. Boulders will take your landscape curb appeal from ordinary to extraordinary at a reasonable price.  In addition, they are practical because once placed, they require no maintenance and will last forever.  They often grow moss and lichen on their surface, which adds character as it changes color with the seasons. Landscaping boulders come in various types, colors and sizes to complement any landscape style.

Ground Cover

River rock and mulch ground cover
Combining landscape elements with river rock and mulch ground cover

Using smaller rocks or mulch as ground cover is another eco-friendly and practical solution for covering large areas.  Decomposed granite is an attractive and low-maintenance option for use as ground cover or for creating paths and walkways. Other types of small rocks, like river rocks, are useful for ground cover and also for combining with other elements to create visual areas of interest.  Using pavers and Flagstone are another great way to create gathering areas or walkways. Combined with decomposed granite or mulch, flagstone provides a useful surface area that is permeable to rainfall.

Retaining Walls

Retaining wall and river rock
Combining landscape elements with retaining walls and river rock

Adding retaining walls to your commercial landscape creates visual interest and also serves several practical purposes. Walls create borders for flower beds and are useful in creating defined areas in a large space.  In addition, retaining walls are practical for solving drainage issues and preventing soil erosion on steep slopes. There is an endless selection of materials and styles for creating retaining walls that complement any type of commercial landscape design.

Commercial steel planter.
Combining landscape elements with planters

Landscape Planters

Large planters are a great way to add seasonal color to a commercial landscape without the expense and maintenance of large, mass plantings of flowers.  Equipped with a small drip irrigation system, commercial planters provide the beauty of colorful flowers at a much lower cost than maintaining a large flower bed. Grouped together in varying sizes, and with other elements, planters are a great visual asset to any commercial landscape design.

Whether you manage an HOA, business property, or a municipality, combining these hardscape and softscape elements together is a good strategy for covering your large landscape areas.  A good commercial landscaping expert can help you define your needs and create a design that is practical, economical, eco-friendly and visually pleasing.

Landscape boulders
Combining landscape elements


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