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What is a Five Star Neighborhood?

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Panther Creek five star neighborhood sign

The City of Frisco has a program that recognizes local homeowner associations for their commitment to maintain quality neighborhoods. Membership in the prestigious program s a rigorous application process with a list of requirements. To be a member, the HOA must have knowledgeable board leadership, experienced management, high property maintenance standards, good communication and fiscal responsibility.

Association membership must be renewed every two years and requires compliance with the City of Frisco’s “Water-wise” water conservation program.  Frisco eveDoe??or provides a free irrigation check before renewal. It encourages the use of high-efficiency nozzles in the HOA common areas to avoid water waste.

As a commercial landscaping and irrigation company, we’ve been doing business in Frisco for 20 years. Specializing in homeowner associations, we take pride in the services we provide our customers. We go above and beyond to help our homeowner associations meet and maintain Five Star Neighborhood requirements. We work closely with homeowner association leaders and provide many special project services. This includes custom planters, construction, welding, painting, and pool restoration.


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