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Beauty and Brawn – 7 Great Reasons to Add Steel Planters to Your Commercial Landscape.

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Steel planter pots

Steel planters offer some unique advantages to a commercial landscaping customer.

  1. They are a great way to add contrast and interest that brightens up large landscape beds.
  2. The annual color rotation cost to replant them twice a year is relatively low compared to the cost of large mass flower plantings .
  3. Large planters get the plants up off the ground where they are less likely to be damaged by the elements or eaten by rabbits and other animals.
  4. They are a wise investment for your property because the strength of steel makes them virtually indestructible. This is a great advantage for commercial property managers because steel planters can’t be easily broken by vandalism or vehicle accidents. Traditional masonry planters frequently need to be replaced  because they are fragile and can be easily cracked and broken.
  5. Steel planters can be stained, etched and painted in a variety of ways to achieve a different effect that will complement the style of your commercial property.  Steel planters can also be repainted and changed over time to give them a fresh updated look.
  6. Won’t they rust? If they are coated internally with a polymer coating before installation and painted externally as needed, they will last a lifetime.
  7. They are less expensive to purchase than traditional masonry planters and offer continued savings by avoiding replacements costs.

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