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Worthwhile HOA Landscaping Projects

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Beautifully landscaped neighborhood entrances and common areas are a few of the things that residents expect in their HOA-managed communities.  In addition to maintenance, they also expect reasonable improvements and upgrades along the way.  Whether the neighborhood is new or in need of some updates, here are 10 worthwhile HOA landscaping projects to consider:

Planting trees in the neighborhood
  1. Tree Planting: Add trees to provide more shade, improved air quality, and increased property values.

2. Community Park: Create a park for residents to enjoy by adding picnic tables, benches, and playground equipment.  In addition to community parks, many neighborhoods now provide walking paths.

HOA Landscaping Project
Lighting project

3. Lighting: Additional lighting in common areas improves safety and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

4. Water Feature: Fountains and small ponds add visual interest and provide a place for residents to relax and enjoy nature.

HOA Landscaping Project
HOA Landscaping Project

5. Community Garden: Encourage residents to come together by implementing a communal garden. This can be a great opportunity to encourage residents to get to know each other while beautifying the neighborhood.

6. HOA website: Create a website for the HOA to keep residents informed about upcoming events, meetings, and other important information.

HOA Landscaping Project
Pet waste station

7. Pet Waste Stations: Install stations around the neighborhood to encourage residents to clean up after their pets.

8. Little Free Library: Add a Little Free Library public bookcase to promote neighborhood book exchanges and reading.  

HOA Landscaping Project

Plan a block party

9. Community Events: Plan regular neighborhood events such as block parties and holiday festivals to bring residents together and foster a sense of community. Some cities even have a block party trailer available on loan to registered community organizations including HOAs.

10. Street and Sidewalk Improvements: Repair sidewalks, add bike lanes, and improve street lighting to make the neighborhood more walkable and bike friendly.

These are a few of the many worthwhile HOA landscaping projects that HOA boards and management can tackle as their landscaping budget allows. Check out our portfolio to see some of our landscaping projects.


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