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Getting HOA Landscaping Bids

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Is it time for your HOA board to get bids for commercial landscaping?  What may seem like a stressful task for board members can actually provide your HOA with opportunities to improve and simplify the beautification of your community. Choosing a company that has experience working with HOAs can help reduce confusion, making the board’s job easier.  Here are some tips to consider when getting HOA landscaping bids:

Value Quality 

Landscaping is one of the largest line items in the HOA budget and residents have high standards and expectations for their contributions.  A high-quality landscaping company will know how to make the community look beautifully well-kept and welcoming.  As a result, residents are happy and new homebuyers are attracted to the neighborhood.  Although working within the HOA’s budget is crucial, going with the lowest bid can have negative results. Cutting corners can make a huge difference in the appeal of your community and result in complaints from residents. Remember, landscaping is an investment in your property and choosing a high-quality company is key to maintaining the standard of beauty your community deserves.

Choose a high-quality commercial landscaper for your neighborhood
Choose a high-quality commercial landscaper for your neighborhood.

Check Experience and Qualifications

Experience means a great deal when it comes to landscaping. Review the company’s website and social media accounts for examples of their work and recommendations from other customers.  These resources should provide helpful information such as company stability, years in business, services offered, etc.   In most cases, the longer a landscaping company has been in business, the more dependable and capable it will be. Companies that have a dedicated and loyal customer base have already established a proven history of reliability and quality.  Make sure to choose a company that delivers on all fronts, from lawn care to irrigation, hardscaping, landscape lighting, water features, and everything in between. Many landscaping companies advertise full services, but actually provide little more than basic maintenance.  Contracting separate jobs out to multiple companies can cost you tremendously, compared with a single provider that can roll services into one cost-savings package. 

Make sure to verify that the company has the necessary licensing, workers’ compensation insurance, general liability insurance, state licensing, and appropriate loss prevention in place. 

A single provider can roll services into one cost-savings package
A single provider can roll services into one cost-savings package.

Clearly Define Expectations.

Make your HOA’s expectations clear to perspective landscaping companies by first making a complete, comprehensive list of services you will require.  This request for bids (RFP) should incorporate all of your association’s specifications like mowing, trimming, edging, fertilizing, pest control, weeding, pruning, spring/fall cleanups, irrigation maintenance, etc.  List any special projects to determine what will be included and how they will be handled.   Prior to the bid, the landscaper should do a physical walk-through to get a proper look at the grounds.  This will help the company determine the size of the property, service frequency and other needs of the HOA to better reflect an accurate price in the bid.

The landscaping company should do a pre-bid walkthrough of the HOA property
The landscaping company should do a pre-bid walkthrough of the HOA property.

Verify Communication

The landscaping company you hire will partner with your HOA to care for your property. During the bid process, it is very important to have a dedicated contact person from the company that can answer questions about the bid.  Once hired, a dedicated point person should be available to quickly respond to any problems or concerns that come up related to their services.  The landscape company should be perfectly clear about who the point person will be for your HOA. 

Hire a company that takes ownership and pride in their work
Hire a company that takes ownership and pride in their work.

Ultimately, you want to hire a commercial landscaping company with a proven track record that takes ownership and pride in the work they perform.  We hope these tips will help with your search. Contact us to discuss your HOA’s landscaping and irrigation needs.  We would appreciate the opportunity to submit a landscaping bid to your HOA.

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