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Coronavirus – Our Response

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Landscaping and the Coronavirus

The coronavirus is drastically impacting all of our lives in many ways, especially now that we have a mandatory “shelter-in-place” order for all nonessential businesses. Landscape and irrigation services are considered to be essential during this critical time for the protection of public health and safety. 😷
Our services are necessary for maintaining the safety, sanitation and essential operation of our HOAs and other commercial customers. This includes performing regular maintenance to mow, prune and control weeds, inspecting for safety and security issues, performing essential treatments to reduce the spread of diseases through mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas, removing fallen trees and mitigating overhead hazards from wind effects, providing maintenance and plant removal to assist in fire abatement, and keeping public pathways free from obstruction and potential risk.
Landscaping and irrigation work pose a low risk of spreading coronavirus because it is performed outdoors with limited public contact. We take employee and client safety very seriously and enforce strong safety standards on the job. We have put additional safety measures in place in response to COVID-19, including social distancing, remote work for our small office staff, and increased sanitation. We are dedicated to following all CDC, Federal, State, and local health and safety guidance and regulations.
Haven is a local family-owned company with deep roots in the community. We wish everyone health, patience, and strength during this difficult time. 🌳🌳🌳


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